Monday, January 14, 2008

Gold breaking out in all currencies

We all know that gold is rising in US dollars no doubt about that. Take a look at the above charts and you will see Gold is rising in Euros, Yen, Pound Sterling and Canadian dollars. I rail at the Fed for printing too much money but they are hardly the only ones. Every country is running the printing presses like there's no tomorrow. This is a global effort by every central bank around the world to keep the bear at bay. They have managed to stretch this bull market till it has become the second longest in history. This concerted effort to print away all our troubles will ultimately fail. Always has, always will. All the central banks are going to accomplish in the long term is to put the global economy into a nasty inflationary spiral. Whether this ends up as a global recession or depression will be determined by how quickly the CB's realize that hard times are inevitable and all they can do is soften the blow by trying to control inflation.