Sunday, May 20, 2007

Trading suggestions

A few of the "subscribers" have requested that I post some of my "trades" I'm sorry to say my method of investing is going to be very boring to most. Here are my 2 trades. I buy and hold silver and gold. The actual metals. When I get a COT long signal I normally buy the Q's or the SPY and hold till I get a COT sell signal. When I get a sell signal I short the Q's until I get a buy signal. Pretty boring, but then again I'm not really looking for excitement I just want to make money. Actually I want to spend as little time thinking about investing as possible. (I should have thought of that when I started this blog). I do enjoy helping others learn investing though so I don't mind that much. You could also substitute the the Diamonds for the Q's or spiders. Every once in a while I will take a trade in an individual stock. When I do, I use deep in the money options with a delta of 85 or greater. SLW is just such a trade. If an investor wants to trade individual stocks my suggestion would be to go long commodity plays as long as the COT is in long mode and exit when the COT gives a sell signal. In case anybody hadn't noticed we are in a long term commodity bull market. Joel Greenblat has a great site for finding undervalued stocks. Coincidentally most are commodity plays. here is his site for any who are interested.