Friday, July 27, 2007

Precious Metal Bull Market

I'm going to show you what tends to happen in secular bull markets. Notice the oil and copper long term charts. Once the market was able to break above the all time highs there is basically a vacuum above. Prices tend to explode once they enter this vacuum zone. The average gain once the all time high is broken is roughly 140%. As you can see, oil was a bit below that on its initial breakout leg with 100%. Copper on the other hand just demolished the average with a 290% gain. Now lets look at the PM. Notice so far the strong sister has been Platinum. It has exceeded the old highs of 1045. I would say that's a pretty good sign that the rest of the PM are going to follow. At the moment gold still has about 30% to go to break the old highs. Silver on the other hand has almost 300% to go before it breaks out. Now do you see why I say silver is just ridiculously cheap. The only thing cheaper than silver is sugar. Sugar has over 600% to go. If sugar decides to get it's butt in gear my IPSU position should do wonderful.