Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here we go!

Let me start off by reminding everyone of the one universal truth. "You can't get something for nothing" I'm sorry, you just can't. Not in this world.

Now would someone please tell Bernanke!

I can tell you right now Bernanke is not going to be able to inflate. That chart is the reason why. It's the same reason why the Fed's wild printing spree last year didn't work and only led to a deflationary collapse. Oil, energy, the life blood of the global economy.

For some reason Bernanke seems to think that if he can only fix the banking system everything will heal. I've got news for him, Wall street and main street are interconnected. You simply can't fix one and at the same time destroy the other and expect to have a winning strategy.

We all saw what happened last year when Bernanke's printing presses had the unintended consequences of spiking energy prices. I had been saying for over a year that Bernanke's monetary policies would backfire, spike energy and put us into a recession.

I've got news for you spiking energy prices are ultimately deflationary. I think anyone can look at the CRB, global stock markets, Baltic dry index, etc. etc. after July 08 and see what I mean.

Yesterday the Fed made it clear they were going to inflate at all costs and today oil started the process of telling them "Oh no you won't"!