Thursday, August 16, 2007


The Vix is fast approaching levels that have signaled 4 year cycle lows in the past. You can't see it on this long term chart but the VIX has jumped from 22 to 32 in 5 days. At the rate this market is moving it could reach the 40's in one or two days. That should produce the kind of panic that signals major bottoms. That's not to say that we couldn't get a serious drop yet. I'll say it again these kind of waterfall declines are normally corrected rather quickly, similar to 90 & 98. That being said if you can't stand the volatility simply stand aside until things calm down. They will calm down they always do. This isn't the end of the world anymore than any other highly volatile time in the market. What I do know is that emotional selling will always create bargains, always! I'm looking at the PM myself.