Saturday, June 2, 2007

Watch what the Fed does not what it says.

From Minyanville. The Fed is going to talk a good game about combating inflation, but in the end there’s not a darn thing it’s going to do about it. The truth of the matter is there is nothing the Fed can do but talk:
One has to watch what the Fed is DOING, not what it is saying. The Fed has sat on its hands since last August, all the while saying how deeply concerned it was about inflation as the equal-weighted CRB (CCI) made two new all-time highs during the same period and the trade-weighted dollar made new lows on a nearly daily basis.
Meanwhile, this same Fed has gone on numerous coupon passing binges during the same period (which are permanent injections of fresh confetti into the banking system that can then be levered up 20 to 1 or more). M3, according to those that have reconstructed it, it is running at around 13%. Does that sound like the actions of a Fed that is truly concerned about inflation? Where are the rate hikes? Where are the drains of liquidity from the system? You’re not seeing any of that.

The Fed is going to defer to the politcal machine just like it always does.
Can you say higher gold and silver prices?