Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm going to show you just a few of the charts I've seen bandied about lately supporting the bearish view on gold and miners. The first one is the standard trend break.

This one is the same as the S&P and seems to have tremendous significance to the crowd that takes technical analysis as gospel.

The rising wedge is another one I've never really bought into, mostly because it seems like technicians seem to take great liberties in where the upper trend line originates. Anyway this seems to hold terribly bearish connotations when this pattern materializes.

Now if one decides to change the origin of the upper trend line we end up with a rising channel instead of a wedge and that tends to be a bullish pattern.

Another bad sign is lower lows and lower highs.

And of course if one is willing to tinker with the x or y axis you can expand the possibilities immensely.

However there are only two charts that have any significance to me at this point.

That my friends is a secular bull market. When it comes to gold that's all I really need to know.

Now if I'm going to be investing in mining shares then there's one more chart that matters to me and that is the gold:XAU ratio.

Historically a ratio of 5 or higher means miners are too cheap. At the moment miners are still so cheap it's ridiculous. As long as that remains the case it's going to overshadow any dubious chart pattern.

The fact is that miners are on sale at prices that have never been seen in history. When something like that happens I don't stop to ask questions, I just buy, buy, buy before the market comes to it's senses and corrects the mispricing.